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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Soviet Union at the time was killed by a tired atmosphere of mutual distrust in society. All of its sixth fleet will not save America also, which has found itself in the same situation…

US Perestroika

Your face when everything you will say is a lie…

There is a joke: “What was a pile of green paper called “dollars” acquired with?” There is only one real answer – “by sixth carrier battle fleet of the United States.” As we can see here, there is not too much humor in it, in fact this is pure truth, but there is another important category, which ensures the American leadership in world politics (in the broad sense, which includes economics, culture, and ideology).

This is arbitrage. And the role of world arbitrator is the second “leg” of the American colossus, if the first  to be “the role of world policeman”. If respect to policemen is imposed using brute force, the respect for the arbitrator, of course, is imposed by its reputation as an honest and objective judge (“shining city on the hill”, “the last hope of mankind” etc.). Which, from its part, authorizes the use of brute force in the role of “policeman”.

Without a reputation of “arbitrator”, all of the sixth fleet of the US Navy has no value – it becomes simply a tool of tyrannical terror, geopolitical limitlessness, and other not-very-nice actions. And no matter how strong the United States was, they can’t compete against the whole world being dirtied by such wretched glory. At least, Americans must piously believe in their faultless reputation.

So, this is where I’m going: it seems that after the WADA hacking scandal tectonic shifts started to happen in the public consciousness and subconscious – as in America, as well as around the world. Namely, between the United States and WADA the sign of equality appeared, and WADA, apparently, definitely said goodbye to the reputation of “honest arbitrator”.

To verify this, simply visit the English-language website Russia Today and view a range of recent materials. Here, in particular, this –What’s up with WADA?”.  Under the five hundred comments, the vast majority of which comes down roughly to this thesis:


“The Western corrupt organization that wants to force their sick system on the rest of the world.”

“Shocking hypocrisy and immorality.”

“US single-handedly destroyed the Olympics just like it destroyed foreign countries.”

And so on and so forth. People are in shock. They literally and figuratively are seeing the light.

And this, however you look at it, is extremely important for our victory in the bloodless confrontation of the two systems on the ideological front. Not all Americans are “vatniks” if you transpose them into a caricature image of “jingoism”. In the United States every important event was obligatorily overgrown with trains of enthusiastically discussed conspiracy theories – starting at the flight (non-flight) to the moon and the set-up of the fleet under the Japanese strike of Pearl Harbor until the provocations of September 11th. And it’s not about if everything is true or not in these versions – one way or another they are somehow terribly popular, and this is a bad sign for the authorities: the people automatically choose from two versions, the one where the power lies. Because… well, because they are practically always lying there.

Who in Russia today will seriously discuss conspiracy theories in the spirit of “the FSB blows up Russia” or “Putin sank “Kursk”? Almost nobody, because there is no public demand for such things. But in the US there is. And it doesn’t pass over decades, becoming a part of mass culture – “Everything you know is a lie”. And now the scandal with WADA was added to all of this. In the piggy bank, so to speak. Yesterday, figuratively speaking, 20 million Americans did not believe at all its roguish government and its compromised institutions, but today – there are 25. Tomorrow – there will be 30, 40, 50… Hackers do not get tired. Because the “arbitrator is a liar”.

Soviet Union at the time was killed by a tired atmosphere of mutual distrust in society. The people of the late 80’s, a priori, stopped to believe everything that was written in newspapers and said on television by officials. The USSR was ruined because of indifference, and the premise of indifference was distrust, which was sown from on the one hand by real mistakes and failures of the government, and on the other hand by “voices” from abroad, carefully focusing on every mistake and every failure, and often reporting a semi-secret exclusive.

So, now we ourselves are this “voice.” Now it became fashionable to listen to us at night on the radio, figuratively speaking. Americans reap what they began to sow half a century ago. Information technology is a double-edged thing. They did not believe that such barbarians as us are able to learn this technology? So, is the taste of your own medicine good?

The USSR was not saved by tank armadas and nuclear weapons. Also all of its sixth fleet will not save America. Every day in the US more and more people are convinced that a course of global domination is immoral and harmful. The fact that half the country supports the pragmatic-isolationist Trump is the brightest sign that victory is near. Victory for us. And for the American nation – healing.

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