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People’s deputies, MEPs, and lawyers have adopted a resolution on the preservation of bilingualism in Ukraine.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine held a forum devoted to the protection of the Russian language, and also languages of ethnic minorities. In addition to the people’s deputies from the Rada and MEPs, experts in the field of law also participated.

In the final resolution it is said that Ukraine is a bilingual country. As was reported by “Izvestia”, European Parliament deputy Laurentiu Rebega urged the development of laws on the protection of the Russian language.

“Russian language in Ukraine, certainly, has to have special legal status. It will allow to protect it from radical manifestations,” he said.

“I consider that Ukraine has two children, two languages. Uneducated amendment to the law on languages led to an escalation in confrontation, particularly in Donbass, Crimea – in those regions where they are used to speaking the Russian language,” said the deputy from “Popular Front” Aleksandr Kirsch.

Participants of the meeting cited Canada as an example, where two languages have constitutional national status.

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