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Translated by Ollie Richardson 



It became known that the Ukrainian sailors that were detained with a cargo of weapons and drugs in Spain were going to transport the order to terrorists in Iraq.

The Coast Guard of Spain noted that the sailors were part of an international network that supplies not only drugs but also weapons in Libya and Iraq.

Ukraine has been at the center of an arms scandals on more than one occasion. A year before the US military campaign in Iraq, the authorities in Kiev, bypassing the UN sanctions, sent radar systems to Baghdad.

In 2008, Georgia brought the SAM systems “Buk” and “Osa”, which were then used in the South Ossetian conflict.

And now, jihadists in Iraq and Syria admit to purchasing weapons from Ukraine.

The highest ranks can be involved in the supply of weapons to terrorists, because they cannot be sold without the knowledge of intelligence agencies and army Generals.

Kiev, in fact, is on the side of the Islamic State. In addition, those arrested by the Spanish sailors were carrying hashish, not only for the personal use of terrorists.

According to investigators, the main part was supposed to go back to Europe for sale, and the proceeds go to the funding of terrorist attacks.


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