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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The new commander Vokha promised that he will continue the work of Arseny Pavlov, who was killed by unknown people.

The new commander of the “Sparta” battalion in the Donetsk People’s Republic will be the former second in command of the unit with the call sign Vokha. This was reported by the media.

Vokha noted that his candidacy had been chosen unanimously and he is ready to continue the work of Motorola, who was killed by unknown assailants in his home in Donetsk. The new commander emphasized that he will “greatly disappoint” those who expect that Sparta will surrender their positions.

As a reminder, the commander of the militia of Donbass Arseny Pavlov was killed on the evening of 16th October. He was blown up in the elevator of his own house in Donetsk. The DPR authorities have classified the killing as a terrorist attack.

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