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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


More than 9,000 Ukrainians took part in the poll. And the results were so stunning that they confused even presenters of live television broadcasts. It turned out that 78% of those who took part in the poll of Ukrainians believe that relations with Russia must be re-established, because our country is losing money and jobs.

In fact, the poll results indicate that nearly 80% of Ukrainians no longer believe the false promises of the “Maidan” authorities about “European future” or the necessity to break ties with Russia, which allegedly enslaved poor Ukraine, and is the main cause of all problems of Ukrainians.

A recent poll of the agency Research & Branding Group found that more than 60% of Ukrainians favor the peaceful resolution to the crisis in Eastern Ukraine and for the fulfilment of the Minsk agreements. More than 60% of the population are in opposition to the current government and does not support the policy of the President on carrying out of ATO in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

The total loss of people’s trust towards the authorities is observed in Ukraine. Judging by the fact that 78% of the citizens “Independent” want the restoration of economic and trade ties with Russia, they do not consider Russia to be an “enemy”. It means the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians do not believe the tales of the Kiev rulers about “Russian aggression”, and insist on the restoration of cooperation with their neighbour.

Global changes in the minds of Ukrainians is confirmed in another nationwide poll, which was conducted from 13th June to 4th July by the fund “Democratic initiatives” together with the Institute of sociology NAS of Ukraine, which quotes in their article the Director of the Kiev center of political studies and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

The question “How do you feel about the idea of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union?” received the following responses:


From top to bottom: rather negatively – difficult to say – rather positively

This year there was a 6% increase in the number of Ukrainians who have a negative attitude to the idea of joining the European Union. And less than half, 48%, answered positively to the main idea and the dream of Maidan – EU membership. The number of “Euro-optimists” declined over the year by 8%.

“Taking into account the total pro-European propaganda on Ukrainian TV and the block on any “against” voices, including even those media outlets which dare to criticize government policy, nearly a third of respondents are insensitive to propaganda,” concludes Pogrebinsky.

But much more interesting to pay attention to are the responses of Ukrainians to the question “about the attitude to the idea of Ukraine joining the union with Russia and Belarus”:


From top to bottom: rather negatively – difficult to say – rather positively

“It turns out that in the “fighting with aggressor” Ukraine, every fourth person, which is nearly 9 million citizens over the age of 18 wants to enter into a union with this “aggressor”. These 9 million are completely excluded from the public discourse. A public statement of such a stance is fraught with criminal prosecution in a country that declares its commitment to European values, and its leadership calls the confrontation in the East of Ukraine a patriotic war and regularly declares that the country is “united as never before,” writes in his article, Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

“It is obvious that the above data is subject to the availability in the country of normal journalism and the scientific community would become the subject of serious discussion, including on TV channels. But not in Ukraine. The fact that we have 9 million citizens in opposition to the policy of the authorities is not pretext for discussion, but, alas, the pretext for defamation and even criminal prosecution”.

Another confirmation of the significant changes in public consciousness of Ukrainians toward Russia is shown in the May study by the Kiev international Institute of sociology, according to which 42% of Ukrainians are well disposed to Russia, which is 6% higher than the February poll.

“We must immediately return relations with Russia back on track. However, this current government will not do it, this is a task for new authorities, for real domestic manager. We need to return to a multi-vectoral policy. We have no enemies, other countries have enemies who want to use Ukraine for their own interests. I see no reason for Ukraine to quarrel with brothers of common spirit, faith, and blood. Life will oblige us towards reconciliation with Russia. We are doomed to good-neighborly relations. And those who kindled the fire of ethnic hatred will be obligatorily made accountable before the law and the people,” considers the Ukrainian politician Volodymyr Oleinik.

Ukraine is gradually beginning to understand who is actually an enemy and who is a friend for Ukraine.

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