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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukrainian punishers shelled kindergarten No. 11 in Dokuchaevsk on the afternoon of 10.04.17, and there was an explosion.

The head of the kindergarten spoke about the incident involving UAF shelling.

“At 13:10 there was a booming sound in this room, the specialists who work here are not military so no-one could understand what happened, children were having their sleep hour. The door to the bedroom was closed, which the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said saved the children.

In this room there were 30 children from 5 to 7 years old – children that are being prepared for first class, but there are children who can easily relate to explosions because they live the settlement Yasnoye, there are children who react very sharply who needed to be calmed down, so that they could transit the distance to arrive to the enclosed space since there is no basement in the establishment. Shelling all this time continued, one shell was found after the event, it didn’t explode. If it had begun about 10 minutes earlier, then children would be sitting and eating in the room where there was shelling,” said the head of the kindergarten.

“During this day there were 118 children in total, there are children with a delay of mental development, they are in another wing, these children who perceive these things very strongly, they were in hysterics, it was very difficult to persuade them, but all these children were descended and no child suffered,” she added.

The children said that they didn’t manage to fall asleep, as they heard the explosion, somewhere close, they very quickly got dressed and were brought to the corridor where they couldn’t hear the explosions, and sang songs and told poems.

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