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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Today, Parubiy, in defiance of regulations of the Verkhovna Rada and the Constitution of Ukraine, switched off the microphones of deputies who gave speeches in the Russian language.

The majority of the urban population of Ukraine speak the Russian language. Surzhyk, which is spoken by the rural population of Southeast Ukraine, is closer to Russian than to Ukrainian. Today the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada erased half of the population of Ukraine. For him they aren’t people, but citizens. Deputies who represent their interests were deprived of their voice.

I initially understood that the people who came to power as a result of an armed coup are the enemy. Enemies of Ukraine, enemies of the people of Ukraine. And it’s impossible to come to an agreement with them. The question is made like that – either them or Ukraine.

Nevertheless, many members of my party considered that it is possible to come to an agreement with them. That with time everything will enter the normal course. It didn’t. The longer it is, the worse it is. Some of those who thought like that are already dead. Some of them were forced to leave Ukraine. With pain I observe how many of you vote and support in the Verkhovna Rada the bloody Ukrainian power.

A considerable part of the former members of the my party speak only Russian. Today they have turned into mute Deputies.

I call on all Deputies, all who want good for the country, who want to stop the division of the country, who desire to keep Ukraine at least in those borders in which she exists – stop Parubiy’s lawlessness. I address all those who can speak Ukrainian or those who can’t. Unite. Support each other. Speak in the Verkhovna Rada only in Russian.

Colleagues! Just the thought that some of you will succumb to pressure and will start with self-abasement to distort their native language and the language of their voters is intolerable. The thought that some of you will turn into mute cattle is intolerable, obligingly continuing to vote and support those who divided the country, robbed it, and now deprived you and your voters of a voice.

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