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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Let’s arrange a small comparison of how Russia helps the LDPR and how the West “helps” the Poroshenko regime.

Russia sends gratuitous humanitarian convoys (food, medicines, spare parts) and technical specialists. The West, with a huge list of extremely unprofitable-for-Ukraine conditions, occasionally issues credits under a ultrahigh percentage.

Russia recognized the documents of the LDPR, and the inhabitants of the Republics can study and work in Russia. The West, after three years of mockeries, gave to Ukraine a useless tourist “visa-free” regime, which doesn’t grant the right neither to work, nor to study.

Russia opens its markets for goods made in the Republics. The level of Ukrainian export to the EU continuously falls, all goods are set rigid quotas, and the quotas themselves are miserable.

Moreover, if Russia buys from the Republics, for example, locomotives, then the West buys from Ukraine raw materials (or production of oilseeds, which cruelly exhaust the soils).

Russia is blamed for the fact that it delivers to the Republics military equipment (gratuitously, naturally). The West extremely expensively sells to Ukraine second-hand articles of the 1950’s or 1970’s like the miserable “Saxon”, not capable of climbing a 1-meter hill.

In Ukraine tariffs grew 8-10 times in three years, while economically this is not justified in any way. In Donetsk utility tariffs remained at the pre-Maidan level.

Russia helps to pay pensions to the inhabitants of the Republics, although they paid contributions to the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU). And in the PFU there is a huge deficiency despite the fact that they stole the money of two million pensioners of Donbass.

I can continue like this for a long time. But, in my opinion, it is already obvious who actually is helped and who is used and plundered. Right?

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