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Translated by Sufyan Jan



A new shipment of petroleum from Algeria, estimated at around 30,000 tons, is arriving at the port of Alexandria onboard the ship “Maersk Adriatic”, according to several Egyptian media outlets.

A spokesman for the Alexandria Port Authority Rida Ghandour said they were unloading the ship having successfully gone through the bureaucratic requirements to ensure the conformity of the consignment to the specifications, in preparation for pumping and packaging to the other provinces of the country.

In related news, the Egyptian Petroleum Authority have already secured the alternative amounts of shipments being supplied by the Saudi company, “Aramco”, which announced the suspension of oil supply to Egypt throughout the month of October.

A source from the Ministry of Petroleum in a press statement said that the Petroleum Authority has taken all necessary measures immediately having been informed by Aramco, and have put forward urgently a number of proposals to bring in petroleum products to the country.

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