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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


About how the lecture of the ambassador of Ukraine invited to a university proceeded reports an eyewitness of the process.

“It’s possible that the world record was perhaps set — I didn’t check, I don’t know. The lecture of the ambassador of Ukraine lasted …. here it is in order. The student of the Leuven faculty of journalism asked the ambassador one question, just one.

I will provide his words literally from Dutch into Russian:

‘Mr. ambassador, I just returned from Donbass, and I saw how the Ukrainian Army bombs the peaceful population of Donbass. I have a question — when will Ukraine stop to kill women and children?’

‘What do you want me to give you as an answer?’

‘When will you stop bombing people?’

Curtains. The ambassador left the audience,” reports the user Sergei-Ratibor.

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  • Jaroslav Belicka

    Good question. When will you Ukrainians stop bombing Donbass people over there?