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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In one of his interviews, one very famous translator of the 90’s told an interesting example from his work.

At the beginning of the crazy 90’s, Russia started to become filled with American movies, about the strong, brave Americans and other nonsense. And this Russian-to-English translator was called into the studio and was asked to head a team that will translate and adapt a movie into Russian.

Without hesitation the Russian translator agreed to the translation and when his team had already made the LITERAL translation, he started laughing loudly. I quote below verbatim the text that was in the ORIGINAL MOVIE in English.

There is allegedly a war and the commander is told by the officer that the enemy is advancing. And at this moment the following dialogue takes place:

Commander: How many advancing enemies did you count?
Officer: About 1 ,000 people!

Commander: And how many of our soldiers remain?
Officer:  About 1,000 people also…


And at this moment the Russian translator said to the Americans that in Russia they, to put it mildly, “won’t understand” and won’t watch the movie because when forces are equal, Russians never give up, and win!

Then the decision was taken to readapt the text and to make the number of the attacking enemies 3,000, and number of Americans 1,000.

This is how “brave” our adversaries in the world are.


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