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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

How embarrassing it turned out to be! 
During two days the Ukrainian media joyfully trumpeted that an Austrian fighter was detained in Poland, who fought on the side of “separatists” and “tortured Ukrainian prisoners of war”. And then – bang! – the Austrian fought on the side of the UAF. Oh yes, how embarrassing it turned out to be…

Website: Korrespondent

Austrian detained in Poland who fought for LDPR

Website: Novosti Ukrainy

Polish border guards detained Austrian,who fought on the side of separatists in Donbass

Website: Apostrof

Polish border guards showed photo of Austrian DPR fighter

Website: Politeka

In Poland a 25-year-old Austrian citizen was detained who is suspected of participating in illegal armed formations in Donbass, the torture and murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war.


Executioner was caught. On the Polish border a Austrian, who killed in the “DPR” prisoners of war and the wounded was detained at the Polish border.

Website: Ostrov

Polish border guards detained a citizen of Austria, a suspect in the murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Donbass

Polish border guards detained at the border checkpoint “Dorogusk-Yagodin” (Volyn region) a citizen of Austria, who is suspected in participating in illegal armed formations in Donbass, and the humiliation and murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Website: Znaj

Poles detained Austrian terrorist of the “DPR”

Website: Espresso.TV YouTube channel

Austrian who fought for “DPR” was detained in Poland

Austrian who fought for the so-called DPR is arrested in Poland.

Website: Channel 5

At the border checkpoint “Dorogusk-Yagodin” person suspected in participating in illegal armed formations in Donbass was detained


Austrian who fought for DPR detained in Poland

Note that all western agencies (Reuters, Deutsche Welle etc) who reported the story tried their best to obfuscate the story and cover up the truth.

The truth reluctantly admitted by Ukrainian media the next day:

Austrian prosecutor’s office stated that the Austrian detained in Poland was fighting in Donbass on the Ukrainian side

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