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Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Ukraine there was the another attack on a bank establishment. Branches of Sberbank and Alfa-Bank in Odessa were the latest victims – they were picketed by several dozen radicals from “AutoMaidan”.

Nationalists created a wall using foam-concrete blocks at the entrance to the branch of Alfa-Bank at the corner of Pushkinskaya and Malaya Arnautskaya Street. Also, they left at the entrance a “molotov cocktail” bottle.

In addition, they covered the facades of the building with drawings and pasted leaflets that say: “Attention. This is a bank of the aggressor country, it finances occupiers. This bank won’t work in Ukrainian Odessa”.

Representatives of a security firm were also unlucky – their new “Toyota” was also “decorated” with anti-Russian leaflets. And near the Sberbank branch on Shevchenko Avenue there was a fight. The staff of the security firm tried to protect the financial establishment. One of them was injured on the arm.

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