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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ilya Kiva stated that Kiev has to “swallow its pride” and conduct dialogue with Moscow.

“It is unambiguous that there has to be dialogue. We today, I am sure, and here there is my accurate unambiguous position, whatever relations we have today with the Russian Federation, whatever territorial claims we can have concerning each other, time will pass, we anyway will reach a compromise, common ground … Sooner or later we will find ourselves at the table and we will begin to look at each other in the eyes. And today we must find an opportunity to speak with each other. As painful as it is for us, we have to learn to swallow our pride so that this war isn’t pushed onto shoulders of our children. Is there a need for contacts, communication, to exchange information? Yes. Because the future of our country depends on it. Our task today is to take away all this dirt, to manage to overcome it during our lives,” quotes the TV channel “112 Ukraine” from the words of the adviser to the Interior Minister of Ukraine.

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  • Vtran

    RF have had over 3 years of Banderistan Vocal accusations ….. RF Does not need to hear any more !

    When Banderistan Admit that they have LIED about RF Invasions, threats and repeat that information for at least 3 years … then maybe RF may listen …. to what Banderistan has to say, tho up to RF how to proceed !

    Till then Goodbye !