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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Military expert Alexander Zhilin about the meaning of the bill concerning “Support of Stability and Democracy in Ukraine” approved by the US Congress.

Poroshenko already managed to thank US Congress for “lethal weapons”, but, as always, he didn’t have time to think. And, of course, there is about what to think here.

In Syria, where the interests of Russia and the United States came face-to-face, the conflict that can be compared to the Cuban Crisis of Khruschev’s times is maturing. The US demonstrates very serious intention towards forcing Russia out and after that to tear Syria apart and destroy Assad. Physically. Just yesterday Mrs Clinton herself states this openly. This is her pre-election pledge to the electorate.

As the pontiff Pope Francis said on September 13th, 2015: “The third world war has already began”. And here the subject is not about nuclear war, which many imagine it to be, but about total chaos that will leave the world reformatted. The fact is that in the conditions of today’s balance of power, there can’t simply be a classical war of the US against Russia or the European Union against the US format.

Not having the opportunity to be at war with nuclear weapons, the US invented another type of weapon – terrorism. In calling itself the main fighters against global terrorism, the United States itself are the main terrorist power of the planet, because they use terrorism as the main tool of executing its foreign policy.

It turned out that Ukraine was also caught in the United States plan to conduct a terrorist war against Russia, where it was necessary to completely destroy the social sphere, to lower the standard of living of Ukrainians to the floor, and to inject people with outright hatred to Russia and everything Russian.

What for?

Let’s estimate how much only one F-16 Fighting Falcon jet costs — about 20 million green American dollars. Now we will estimate how many sorties the F-16 will be able to make in the conditions of the direct military confrontation with Russia — at most three, because as a rule, it is a one way flight.

But lets come back from the fighter jet’s cockpit to Ukraine. What do we see?

An impoverished country where for 20 million dollars it is possible to recruit two fully-fledged divisions of Russian-speaking terrorists and to pay for each of them a ticket to Russia. After — try to identify them. It is impossible because Russians and Ukrainians are one nation.

It turns out that all our nuclear triad, all our Armed Forces, all other military pieces of iron become absolutely useless. Because we won’t bomb our own territory with a nuclear weapon!

From hypothetical judgments, let’s see the reality in which the US already applied a technique of conducting a terrorist war against France. When Hollande declared that he intends to fight ISIS in Syria together with Putin, Paris was immediately blown up. Responsibility for the act of terrorism was claimed by ISIS, but where specifically on the map is the “Islamic State”? Point to it with a finger. In Syria? In Afghanistan? Perhaps in Iraq? No. It’s everywhere.

None of the ringleaders were punished for the act of terrorism in Paris. The French, maybe, would be glad to settle the score, but there is nobody at all to do it with. Also you shouldn’t think that this US scheme was invented and tested a year ago. Not on such an enormous scale, but this scheme was already used in both Africa and in Latin America, etc.

And now they are preparing to use it against us, using Ukraine as the springboard from which 4 million potential terrorists were already sent to Russia. Today for us, these people are just ordinary hardworking gastarbeiters who have fled from the worst fate. And tomorrow plasterer Olesya from Uzhgorod [western Ukraine – ed], when she’ll be called and told with a hoarse voice that her five-year-old daughter is in danger, she will drop her spatula and will rush off to Kiyevskaya [Moscow – ed] train station where in locker #20 she will be awaited by a blue bag. Obviously, not with money …

Such are rules of war without rules.

The bill “about support of stability and democracy in Ukraine” approved today by the House of Representatives of the US Congress only confirms that Ukraine will be put on a knifes edge, but not with bare hands, of course, but with “lethal weapons”.

These “lethal weapons” that today everyone is discussing is not anything other than a heap of the written-off scrap metal of Soviet models from warehouses of countries – new members of NATO – Bulgaria, Poland and others.

The delivery of the shooting pieces of iron to Ukraine by itself doesn’t mean that the US intends to use this weapon against us. In Syria, the Americans already had the opportunity to contemplate how our new surface-to-air system and how Russian missiles work, having flown throughout the country, they literally got in the windows of villains from ISIS. Pictures from space satellites show, by what principle Ukrainian troops are placed on the border with Donbass – by the principle of morons.

In simple terms, Russia even wouldn’t need to enter the territory of Ukraine in order to finish all American “lethal weapons”in 15 minutes.

It is difficult to imagine what noise Americans would be made in this case. But it is easy to imagine what they would think at this moment: “There is no pity for idiots”.

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