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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Vladimir Kornilov


Today I had a conversation with the Bild politics editor Julian Röpke, known for his anti-Russian propaganda articles.

In response to his statement that “pro-Russian fighters” fired Grads at Galitsynovka, 15 km from the frontline, I specified who all night long fired at Donetsk.

Surprisingly, Röpcke recognized that it was the Ukrainian army (for some reason I think that he won’t write it in Bild – guess why?). Finally, he proposed a “solution”: to withdraw the “artillery of my buddies” out of residential areas.

I, in all honesty, was surprised as literally one or two hours earlier the same Röpcke posted the known picture of a Ukrainian tank in a residential zone of Avdeevka, and wished the Ukrainian fighters victory in their difficult fight with the “Russian invading army”. I had to show him his own tweet and explain where there are Ukrainian tanks and where there is a residential area from which he advises to remove the armor. I assumed that, probably, someone hacked his account, if he writes the complete opposite of his “solution”.

So he started to explain to me that Ukrainian tanks hiding behind houses are only RESTING there. Oh, I see! I.e it doesn’t make them a target, and the inhabitants of these houses hostages?

Here are such editors in the German media. At least I’m grateful that he didn’t begin to declare that Donetsk residents shell themselves”

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  • Stavros Hadjiyiannis

    The Merkel regime wants to fight Russia just as much the Hitler and Kaiser Wilhelm regimes wanted, but unlike those old iterations of Germany, the current one doesn’t have any stomach for war (even against weak opponents, let alone Russia) hence they are cheering Ukropians and Jihadists on instead.