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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Brandenburg Gate in the center of Berlin will not be illuminated in the colors of the Russian flag in memory of the victims of the explosion in the St. Petersburg subway. This was reported by Berliner-Zeitung.

“St. Petersburg is not a twin-city of Berlin,” stated the official representative of the senate.

He noted that it is possible to deviate from the rules connected with illumination only “in special cases”.

The newspaper notes that after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, and London, these cities were sworn brothers of Berlin, and also for Nice and Jerusalem the Brandenburg Gate was illuminated in the colors of the national flags of the affected countries.

In addition, after the shooting in a gay club in Orlando, the symbol of the German capital was illuminated in the colors of the flag of the gay community movement.

On April 3rd, there was an explosion in the St. Petersburg subway. According to the latest information, 11 people died, and 45 were injured.

The Brandenburg gate after terrorist attacks in: 1) Turkey, 2) Belgium, 3) Britain, 4) Russia. The grief of Germans is shown differently, as you can see…

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