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Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Donbass positional fights using artillery of 152mm caliber, tanks, BMPs, mortars, and a whole range of shooting arms continue.

In Donetsk the production shops of the “Tochmash” plant came under fire [once again – ed]. Nobody was wounded from as a result of the shelling [on this occasion, fortunately – ed]. The camera recorded the direct hit of a UAF tank on the high-rise. The shelling was recorded at 21:00 on 14.06.2017, when a fire began due to the shelling.

Stalker Zone note:

This incident should not be confused with the UAF tank shelling of “Tochmash” that occurred on June 13th, 2017. The details of this separate incident can be found below…

Who Shelled The “Tochmash” Plant in Donetsk? Judge for Yourself…

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  • Vtran

    We all know U$ Americans citizens love to kill, maim, rape and destroy … and for the last 3 and more years …. it has been what was once Eastern Ukraine’s turn !