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By Nikita Che

In mid-September, the law enforcement agencies of the Donetsk People’s Republic reported detaining a group of seven persons, which had been organized by Ukrainian agents to commit subversive actions in the Republic. The investigation revealed several of their crimes, including explosions of railway and military infrastructure.

The most shocking issue turned out to be the age of the boys, from 15 to 18 years old. It was revealed that Kiev, in choosing its sabotagers, deliberately gambled on age – where they’re desire to act for fun impairs their ability to consider the consequences.

It looked like understanding this logic became helpful: last week, the LPR Ministry of State Security announced the discovery and detaining of 32 local teenage members of neo-Nazi groups, who also doubled as football club fans “Black and White Ultras”, whose leaders had been trained in special Ukrainian centres since 2014.

LPR Special Services Arrest Fans Of “FC Zarya” Who Worked for UAF Reconnaissance

The groups’ members confessed to starting with placing pro-Ukraine leaflets, filming the burning of the Republic’s flag, and other more or less “innocent” things, but later confessed to carrying out espionage. They also said that their tasks were, inter alia, explosions of local monuments to defenders of the Homeland, both of the Great Patriotic War and nowadays. So one of their actions may have been the damage of the monument erected in Lugansk in May, 2016, which is being investigated by Ministry officers.


So adult men from the Kiev (in)security agencies use teenagers. Cheap and expendable cadres for pulling chestnuts out of the fire. Their names are known for future criminal cases.

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