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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Italian journalist and politician Giulietto Chiesa presented in his homeland a report “from independent Donbass”. It was aired on the channel of Pandora TV.

In the footage made by the journalist, the viewer sees the scale of the destruction and eyewitness accounts of crimes by the Kiev authorities, the conducting of primaries, the distribution of humanitarian assistance, and exercises of the independent Republics.

Also, the journalist didn’t ignore the latest events. In the film there are shots taken directly after the death of Arseny Pavlov (Motorola), the statement by Alexander Zakharchenko, and the farewell to the hero.

“I want to say only one thing: Donbass will never return back to Ukraine. This simply cannot happen. Nobody, neither the West nor even Russia, will be able to oblige these people to turn back in order to give themselves for extermination by the Nazis. It will unambiguously be a bloodbath. And most of all Russia will suffer from it. I hope that the people who a solution to this issue depends on will not be stupid enough to let this happen,” said Giulietto Chiesa in an interview with “PolitNavigator”.

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