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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


During shelling, mortars of 120mm caliber were used. Now in the Church there are no windows or electricity, and the set of icons were shredded by shrapnel.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled a Church in the settlement of Kominternovo in the DPR. Locals spoke about this to “Life”.

“They shelled, broke the cross, it was hanging, and only little pieces of it remains. We partly repaired the icons and installed glass. Everything has holes, the window is punched through, we laid bricks. The Church has existed for 10 years. It was an abandoned building, but it was given to us for a Church. Here we hold all our services, according to the calendar. The Priest comes and we have a service every Saturday. During the last service there was strong shelling, they hit very strongly. But we stood to the end,” said the head of the settlement Valentina.

Now locals guess with what means they will restore the building.

“They strike civilians, houses, they destroyed about 70% of houses. While we are not guilty of anything,” added Valentina.

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