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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Political analyst Dmitry Drobnitsky about why Donald trump refused to meet with Petro Poroshenko.

From the top of the news this week there was a very unusual message: Donald trump refused to meet with Petro Poroshenko, citing his tight schedule of election events.

It would seem, and what? A candidate for US President did not find time to meet with the head of a certain Eastern European country, formerly part of the USSR. It happens…

Because the majority of mainstream American media in recent months have convinced us that Trump will not be President of the United States – it is impossible, no one will not vote for him, Hillary “will inevitably win”, etc.

How many nicknames did the media of Independent Ukraine give Big Donald! The kindest word said about Trump by the Kiev government was “marginal”. And then suddenly Mr. Poroshenko wished to meet with both candidates for the presidency of the United States.

Hillary gladly responded to the call of the head of Ukraine. But Trump… How shall I say… technically evaded.


And then it began!

Experts on both sides of the Atlantic immediately began to look for some hidden political meaning for what happened. “Independent” Ukraine was frankly offended and expressed “bewilderment”. American news sites did not fail to remind that Putin (who Donald spoke more good about than bad) and the Obama administration’s understand differently the conflict in Ukraine. So, does it mean Trump’s refusal to meet with Poroshenko is proof that the non-system Republican is on the side of the Kremlin?

Influential US Senator from the Democratic party, Chris Coons, indignantly told the TV channel CNN about how the Ukrainian delegation turned it down. “Trump missed an important international meeting,” said Coons.

Influential publication Foreign Policy has devoted a separate article to the failure of Trump to meet with the leader of the “young Ukrainian democracy”. The author reminded readers about “the romance of Vlad and Donald” by presenting the ignoring of Poroshenko’s request for a meeting as clear proof of the Republican candidate’s “pro-Russian position”.

It’s important to say that Russian media is also very successful in fomenting this episode. Like, Trump is for us, Trump is against the Kiev authorities. And if he becomes President, the USA will no longer have to reproach Ukraine, Crimea, and any actions in the post-Soviet space.

But is it true?

Let me clarify this.

Big Donald evaded a meeting with Poroshenko, not because he took a position on the Ukrainian conflict. And not because he is ready to kiss ass passionately if only we will help him to plunge ISIS into the dust. His unwillingness to meet with the President of a little torn-by-civil-war country is dictated by other motives.

Trump as a presidential candidate already has access to secret intelligence information and is well aware that Ukraine is not a sovereign state even in the first approximation.

Trump met in New York with Egyptian President al-Sisi. A few weeks before that he met with the President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto. Egypt and Mexico are weak states, but nevertheless they can make sovereign decisions. Ukraine isn’t in the category of such States for sure.


As I wrote for Life, no really big decision in “Independent” Ukraine is made without two people: Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden. The first has an ideological line, the second has direct personal interest of a commercial nature.

Big Donald as a businessman — and that is what he stresses in his summary — in no case would meet with clients of his opponents. What is the sense of such a meeting? To hear from an absolutely dependent person that he does not agree with someone who in the next five minutes could become “leader of the free world”?

In this regard, here’s an interesting detail.

The meeting between Hillary Clinton and the Ukrainian President in New York took place in the presence of the head of her election headquarters John Podesta. Do you remember how Trump was accused of having links with “pro-Russian President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych?

This “liaison” was depicted as follows: the interim head of the staff of Big Donald – Paul Manafort – (hired for successful completion of the final party conference of the Republicans) at the time was an adviser to Yanukovych. He really helped the Ukrainian oligarchs to establish political liaisons in Washington. But Manafort did not act directly, but through an influential lobbying firm in the US, the main one of which was the Podesta Group Inc., owned by John Podesta.

In this sense, the handshake between Poroshenko and Podesta in the presence of Hillary is the return of “lost liaisons”. Here everything is clear. Here is your curator, Mr. Poroshenko. Very nice. Mutually.

Does Trump need to meet a person who has already determined his position with his curator from the opposite camp?

And even if the President of Ukraine did not decide who should be supported on 8th November, what would the meeting between Donald and Petro be like? “So, what are you offering me, Mr. Trump?” – “In what sense?” – “In the sense that your competitor has already made me a tempting offer”…

If you read the book by Trump “Art of the Deal”, you know what that in such situations the billionaire candidate all his life sought to avoid. And he succeeded in this.

And at last, Big Donald could not exclude the possibility of provocation.

What will the great friend of Biden and the neocons say after meeting with him? Wouldn’t he state that he met with an insane man, who prays to Putin and Kim Jong-un, and during the talks smashed a vase on his head?

Trump reasoned: why risk it for nothing? A trip to Mexico, no doubt, was risky, but it promised dividends, which Donald finally received. Talks with the President of Egypt was also a risk (though smaller), but also justified. So does the rebel-candidate need a meeting with Poroshenko? It’s a risk without any benefit!

And note: Donald trump didn’t ignore the President of Ukraine completely. He didn’t say, “Yes, I’m not interested.” He referred to the tight schedule — Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan…

So, you can’t find a reason to reproach him.

Why, Mr. trump, did you ignore the “leader of suffering Ukraine”? – I didn’t ignore, I was waiting for voters in Ohio. And while Hillary was talking about Ukrainian democracy, I was talking about jobs in the United States.



And this tells us something about Donald trump. This old red cunning Fox is not so simple.

Yes, he’s not so ideologically loaded against Russia. He is configured for negotiations and trades. But these negotiations will be complicated and laborious.

Because in the face of Big Donald, we will see not a supporter of the world’s globalist elite, whose aims are clear and propaganda techniques are primitive.

We will see a true patriot of America. Strong, smart, predacious, and resourceful.

And with such an example we haven’t dealt with in a long time.

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