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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

3:17:47 AM

Judging by current reactions following the sticking of Father Hamel and the attempted assassination of the faithful 86 year old Catholic, it is possible to predict what will happen on the day when an Imam will be murdered, not by a member of the Islamic State who will be considered as an infidel, but by an unbalanced ultra-nationalist.

Everyone, politicians, religious leaders, or simple citizens will make their little declarations or little tweet of condemnation, which will be completely normal. The declarations in question will avoid naming nationalism, but will proclaim themselves at war with terrorism.

The journalists will interview the mother of the presumed innocent in order so that she can explain that he was a brave kid, and also his neighbors, in order for them to bear witness to his recent radicalisation, and the fact that people inside these nationalist movements were suspicious of him.

Half of the interferers invited to express themselves in the media will be the militant nationalists. The faithful muslims – witnesses to the murder – will intervene in the media only accompanied by nationalist friends to come show them their support.

The muslim dignitaries will multiply their efforts in order to avoid the stigmatisation of the French nationalists, and will call to avoid the amalgam between nationalists and simple patriots. The president of the French Council of the muslim faith, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, and the Imam of the small town where the crime will be committed, will invite the elected nationalists and the integrists priests to the ceremonies of homage to the victim.

The King of Saudi Arabia and the rector of the Al-Azhar mosque will make calls for peace, forgiveness, and brotherhood. Nowhere in the world, in any muslim country, will there be any retaliation against atheists or christians, not even in Raqqa!

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