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By Nikita Che

The last days (especially nights) in Donbass it became very tense along the frontline, having reached a crescendo on Tuesday. War reporter Marina Kharkova said there were three Kiev attempted offensives in the vicinity of Dokuchaevsk this day, also adding proper replies were received. A forced “audience” in residential areas asserted they heard sounds from a whole range of weaponry they had become accustomed to since 2014, and even of some new models.

A video from the city of Dokuchaevsk (last two minutes are the most informative)

By the morning, the eruption soothed a bit. No changes were reported on the front line, which is reminiscent of WWI “developments”. There is a tendency on both sides to conceal their military tolls, so one shouldn’t expect any serious official data on it now, but one could assume the losses of the Ukrainian local offensive near Debaltsevo this summer: according to inside data, that toll of Donbass defenders was some 150 deaths and the Kiev military about 650.

Municipal authorities are doing their standard morning job: they are collecting facts about the new injured or killed civilians, destroyed residential houses or damaged power supply.

The latest destructions in the Yelenovka settlement

It’s hard to find another cause of the aggravation but an attempt of seizing some strategic south areas during the hours of the immediate Presidential change in Washington and further surrounding Donetsk city. Anyway, it only resulted in deaths and destruction.

More deaths and more destruction.

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