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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The KGB of Belarus has detained 26 people, including professional militants planning to use weapons at mass actions scheduled in the country for March 25th. As BELTA reports, the department noted that Ukrainian nationalists were supposed to join in with the disorder also.

In Belarus, 26 activists of “White Legion” and “Youth Front” were detained. As BELTA, reports, the Committee for State Security stated that among the detainees there are also professional militants. In addition, during a search paraphernalia of the Ukrainian “Azov” battalion was found, as well as UNA-UNSО.

“Activists of ‘White Legion’, led by Miroslav Lozovsky, and also ‘Youth Front’, led by Dmitry Dashkevich — a total of 26 people were detained. 29 searches in the places of their residence, stay, and storage of objects and documents were carried out. A Kalashnikov, 3 carbines, 2 guns, cartridges, grenades, bludgeons, throwing knives and axes, objects and substances for production of improvised explosive devices, a military uniform, bullet-proof vests, helmets, medical first-aid kits of the NATO sample, various attributes of the ‘Azov’ battalion, the tactical ‘Belarus’ group, UNA-UNSO, and also manuals on conducting combat operations in the city were seized,” it is said in the message of the department.

As the website notes, the KGB also added that it doesn’t exclude that detainees planned to use weapons during street protests on March 25th. Also, the department has information that militants from Ukraine were supposed to arrive for these actions. This concerns followers of UNA-UNSO, which “White Legion” has closely cooperated with since the 90’s, and also other persons who were involved in fighting in the East of Ukraine as a part of nationalist formations.

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