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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The progressive incoherence of the speeches of Kiev’s “helmsman” show an extremely heavy diagnosis.

Recently, there is no one day when Petro Poroshenko isn’t blurting out something. For example, the other day he went and blurted that there isn’t any ATO, i.e. there is no “anti-terrorist operation” in Eastern Ukraine and there never was. And there is only “Russian aggression”.

Well, we will figure out about aggression a litter bit later. But what concerns the presence of absence of “ATO”, this is a complete removal of the brainwashed brain and explosion of farts in the Ukrainian looking-glass. How are we supposed to understand it?! After all, if there is no “anti-terrorist operation”, it means, therefore, there are no terrorists! It is even terrible to say, but it means there are also no “separatists”!!! In short, it turns out that for two and a half years all brainwashed Ukrainian brotherhood was fighting against god knows who. And who, in this case, did the SBU put in prisons by the thousands, if there is no terrorism? It turns out that they did it to innocent people!

And now about “Russian aggression”. It turns out that Ukraine “has met Russian aggression without an army, without equipment, and stopped the aggressor only with bare enthusiasm”. This literally was stated by the same Poroshenko.

Really, I’m very interested in the question – what moonshine does this “President” drink? He was too potent! Just look how he cuts capers! They stopped the “most armed to the teeth aggressor” in the world only “on a wing and a prayer”! Petro! And what if you think a bit more again? If there weren’t any terrorists, maybe there was no “aggressor” either? Because it turns out that “aggression” looks too ridiculous in this way. Already the entire Internet is laughing on the floor with you at this point:

Contradiction is a fact. It means that aggression was not hardcore if it was stopped with bare enthusiasm. Or his electorate is not able to build logical connections in the Interaural ganglia? For saying that, saying that aggression was not strong, he risks getting hit in the nuts by the Nazis, who all convince everyone that billions of FSB members, members of the Main Directorate of the General Staff, and simply polite people on millions of tanks ploughs through the expanses of Ukraine…

By the way, the one who just now “stopped the Russian aggressor with bare enthusiasm,” a few days ago was convincing everyone authoritatively that it’s not at all possible to fight with Russia, because the balance of forces is very bad for Ukraine:

“Those who propose to abolish Minsk must propose an alternative. There are two alternatives: a military solution to the conflict or an open attack on the Russian Federation. I ask you to compare military budgets and capabilities, and ask to assume responsibility for future victims”

I.e. to fight with Russia is impossible because, in such a case, she’ll bash the Kiev regime until Sunday comes. And at the same time, according to Poroshenko, already two years ago the same Kiev regime defeated the same Russia with bare enthusiasm. Well, really iron “logic”!

And after this Poroshenko bluffs again:

“And today we can affirm that the Ukrainian soldier is fed, clothed, shod, trained, armed.”

Uncle Peter! Unglue yourself from the bottle for once! And look at the nonsense you spout out! It means that two years ago naked and barefoot “Ukrainians” defeated the “aggressor”, and today well-fed and shod Ukrainians already are not able to do it. And even the idea of war with Russia drives you into a complete stupor.

So what can we draw from this? It turns out that, according to logical laws, for the past two years, the Kiev regime has weakened the Ukrainian army so much so that today it is even not able to do what it was supposedly able to do two years ago. That’s how “effective” Ukraine’s President is today if judged by his own words, but using unknown-to-him formal logic and sobriety.

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