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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Director of the Donetsk Krupskaya library, the main library of Donbass, Igor Gorbatov told Life about the transformations that the establishment underwent since the establishment of Donetsk’s independence from Ukraine. In particular, all Ukrainian nationalist literature that for a long time was imposed for reading to residents of Donbass was sent to the vault of the library. The notable fact is that, as a rule, such literature was delivered from Canada and the US.

“Under the guise of humanitarian aid – help to a third world country, as they called us then, the ‘Window to America’ center, a Canadian center, and many others were created,” said Igor Gorbatov.

It should be noted that now, on the central staircase of library the statue of Nadiya Krupskaya, who is considered the foundress of the main library of Donetsk, is established. During the days of the Ukrainian power, as the Director noted, it was hidden on the second, on the third floors. Also the Kiev authorities suggested to rename the establishment into the library of Vasyl Stus — the Ukrainian poet and nationalist. However, the residents of Donetsk categorically opposed such an initiative.

Now all materials about Vasyl Stus, including personal photos, are under lock and key in the vault of the Krupskaya library. As Igor Gorbatov explained, the son of the poet repeatedly contacted the library in the hope to collect all materials about his father and to take them away to Ukraine. However, the leadership of the establishment does not intend to just give the archive to the Ukrainian side. The library’s leadership wants to exchange it for captured Donbass militiamen, emphasized the director of the library.

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