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By Nikita Che

Yesterday, Russian Orthodox priest, actor and film director Ivan Okhlobystin received a DPR passport from the hands of the Head of the Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko.

This is not the first well-known person to get Donbass citizenship – MMA fighter Jeff “The Snowman” Monson also received a passport of the Lugansk Republic.

Those who announced their citizenship as support for the Donbass people and their political choice in the form of the People’s Republics are all decent people. In addition, one can also notice another aspect regarding Donbass passports as some party cards, as tokens of joining the specific political movement that is being embodied in the resisting Donbass.

The most obvious aim of Donbass as a fragment of the broken Russian world is to re-unite. Since 1991, more people see the collapse of the Soviet Union, a form of Russia, as a disaster and a historical tragedy. It’s especially clear for Donbass that it turned into an area of WW2-style war enflamed by western-backed puppets in post-maidan Kiev. So “becoming Russia again”, the №1 aim, means for the locals peace and healing the wounds.

But Donbass’ signal for the world is not only to re-unite with Russia, it’s also a demand for the truth. “The Guardian” reporter Nick Cohen once said:

“Say what you must about our decline, we remain world leaders at manipulating money and information.”

So the “manipulation of information” — deliberate lies, hypocrisy, and double standards indeed — is what men and women of the “Donbass passport” party can’t bear anymore.

Yet another queue in the “party program” could be formed from the demand for social justice, but that’s still a vague idea, it’s just space for future comprehension of how it should be and how to achieve it.

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