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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The UAF continues to suffer a shortage of officers and military personnel, just in the units of airborne forces an official report was written about the dismissal of more than 1000 fighters recently. This was stated by the Deputy Commander of the DPR Eduard Basurin today.

“We learned that just in the airborne unit a report was filed on the dismissal of over 1000 soldiers, including more than 170 officers,” he noted, referring to the information of the Republic’s intelligence.

According to Basurin, most of them “fled” from the 45th separate airborne, 79th separate landing and assault, and 81st separate airmobile brigade, which are deployed in the combat zone.

“It confirms unwillingness of Ukrainians to be at war in army of murderers with own people. Besides, it is one more fact showing the scale of catastrophic shortage of staff,” he added.

Earlier it was reported that in the ranks of the UAF a growth in the number of deserters was observed. Thus, as of March of this year, the number of fugitives from the army of Ukraine exceeded 8300 servicemen.

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