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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The representative of the operative command of the DPR Eduard Basurin said that the Ukrainian fighters are pumped with strong-acting psychotropic drugs, after which their feeling of pain and fear is numbed, reports the Izvestia newspaper.

According to Basurin, the effect of the drug is so strong that fighters can’t immediately understand that they received a gunshot wound. I.e., the severely wounded soldier gets up and tries to continue on.

Thus, in the Donetsk airport rebels found suspicious bottles belonging to UAF fighters with the inscription “water of life”. Also found were unknown pills. Later in laboratory research it became clear that they are psychotropic substances.

“The person under the influence of such means doesn’t fall down from gunshots. It is possible to unload an entire magazine, and he continues to run at you. And such cases were noted now in the industrial zone in the south. They go on attack in enhanced posture. You kill him — he continues to go. You shoot at him — he falls, gets up, and goes again. Until you shoot in the head or heart,” said Basurin.

Later, it became known that similar drugs work in the human body for ten days. According to Basurin, it is for this reason Kiev demands a ten-day rotation.

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