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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian authorities recognized its mistake long ago, however, in accordance with the already defined course of anti-Russian policy, the polemics against the neighboring country continue by inertia. Now the situation has become so aggravated that even the main adversary of “Russian aggression” Petro Poroshenko admits his own wrongfulness, but knows it will be already extremely difficult to restore good relations with the Russian Federation.

The acting president of “Independent” Ukraine for a long time keeps in inside of himself the provocative recognition that is capable of shocking and angering deceived Ukrainians, however it is harder and harder for him to maintain self-control.

The former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Igor Markov spoke on the air of the “Vecher” talk-show about the unexpected and involuntary confession of Poroshenko, which he made in a circle of confidants.

According to Markov, who referred to a source in the immediate environment of the national leader, recently the President, being in a state of intoxication, at last recognized the deplorable state of his country. Among other things, Poroshenko stated that America, with its new leadership, has “handed over” Ukraine, and that Russia will never forgive.

“He already has fear. In reality, he perfectly understands everything. We have absolutely exact information from his immediate environment that every time he’s drunk, they say the same thing – “Americans handed us over, and Russians will never forgive us”. This is what they say,” said the former deputy.

As the ancient proverb says: “what the sober has on his mind, the drunk has on his tongue”. Indeed, Petro Poroshenko isn’t as stupid as he seems, and also the internal affairs of his country has long been obvious for the whole world – Ukraine is on the verge of collapse. This was recognized by both Russia, and even the West. The deliberate russophobia has brought Ukrainians to a catastrophe, so now Kiev is in an impasse. Euromaidan in Ukraine took place for the sake of the coming to power of politicians loyal to the West, and also for rapid European integration.

At the same time Ukraine became only a puppet in the hands of European patrons, while the interests of Ukraine are now simply forgotten by them. Ukraine secretly recognized long ago its own failure, however it doesn’t have the necessary political will to do it publicly. Moreover, this could only deprive the political elite from a very good “feeding trough”, which they don’t intend to leave…

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  • Cornelis Dekker

    That is not true, the Russians will forgive the orderery people, but not the persons whom are responsible for warcrimes, and yes, that means you too Porky

  • antifa

    Porky, call in McDonalds there need thick human rats

  • umesh2063

    If you still try to build good relation with Russia, its not too late.
    Warmongering West will only divide you, destroy and leave you after making your country a hell.
    So, I urge Ukrainian people to realise the mistake and start working on how to improve relation with Russia. You can’t sustain for long by making enemy a country like Russia.
    Just ask Terrorist Warmongerica and its puppet to get out of your country and invite Russia. It would be good for both the country for long run and will have good future.

  • Tate Ulsaker

    SHORT HISTORY OF MODERN UKRAINE: George Soros started the Ukraine war,
    twice. After Maidan, Victoria Nuland staffed the post-coup government
    with “Yats is our man” and then she said “F**k the EU”. From there came
    the typical US-sponsored war, bombing Russian civilians for 3-years
    continuously in eastern Ukraine. Western media ignored the real crimes
    but managed to invent dozens of invisible Russian invasions. At the
    same time, NATO staffed soldiers and stocked war equipment in western
    Ukraine. The real invasion of Ukraine did happen, but not by the
    accused in the east. Rather by the accusers from the west. After Ukraine
    was saddled with unpayable debts, the value of the installed puppet
    government was dependent upon the flow of interest payments and
    resources from Ukraine to the the new off-shore owners. All the gold
    was taken, industries sold, resources stripped as much as possible and
    bombs on Russian civilians continued even until today nonstop. For
    that mass-mercenary crime, what loyalty do you think they got from their
    US puppet masters? ZERO! And now they know it…

    “What a sober man has on his mind, a drunk has on his tongue” – Russian proverb

  • goingbrokes

    Good summary. If things would not go smoothly and Ukraine did not join EU/NATO “normally” the plan B (or C or D) was always to strip its assets and leave behind a failed state.

  • Jermano