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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

The Economist magazine published in its last issue [photo below is from printed version of magazine – ed] this photo with the caption “Putin spends rubles, makes rubble”. But what is interesting is that this picture was taken in Shirokino. In the same Shirokino that was generally a quiet resort settlement, until, despite the Minsk agreements, it was attacked by volunteer fighters of “Azov”, who shelled this settlement for a period of several months with all types of weapons. I want to remind you that when the OSCE appealed for the demilitarization of Shirokino, and the DPR withdrew from it, there was not a single non-damaged building. And now The Economist, with this picture, not only captured the violation by Ukraine’s agreement on the demilitarization of Shirokino (about which the magazine, of course, doesn’t report), in the contrary, they even accuse Putin of its destruction!

So let’s stop supporting the Ukrainian fighters, who are methodically shell populated settlements of Donbass – and there will not be any destruction.

I give such an announcement on Day of the Miner!



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