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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


And you know, the ice, after all, was broken, and even the most “just, kind, and good” will be obliged to notice and recognise it.

Research conducted by the very solid French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) that was just published in the central press gives out such surprising and shocking results that from now to continue to remind the European commoner inhabitant how they sleep easy, eat well, and don’t suspect anything is not only unintelligent, but also almost impossible.

Look at the figures and judge for yourself.

First of all, note that statistical surveys were conducted among all layers of the population and representatives of political electorate: nobody was forgotten or excluded, so to write it off on the opinions of the pure and good being ignored in order to please the unjust and bad in this case is impossible in every way.

And this inexpressibly disturbs all “reputable” press, which doesn’t know how to write off the shameful results.

The mentioned research was conducted for the purpose of probing the sensitivity of French people to the nowadays now-lively and wandering conspiracy theories of all kinds: from Kennedy’s murder, the emergence of the AIDS virus, events on September 11th, or secret acts of pharmaceutical corporations, including the ambiguous vaccination of the population.

And it revealed such curious surprises.

72% (!) of the French consider that “today’s migration is very disturbing and dubious process causing serious problems in the coexistence of very different cultures and, in long-term development, menacing European culture as a whole”.

You, probably, will grin at such naivety, being unaware that such a courageous and direct formulation in the official press is used for the first time: the vast majority of the media in every way tries to convince “clients” that the European population in general very much supports migration and heartily approves of it.


48% consider that the migration that is nowadays being introduced is the result of the “scandalous” “theory of Big Replacement”, which all the politically-correct European press doesn’t recommend to trust.

I.e., 48% seriously believe that this migration “is a political project in which one civilisation replaces another, which was consciously organised by political, intellectual, and media elites, and to which an end needs to be put by sending all the newly arrived population back from where they came”.

Besides such “scandalous” statements, research revealed an even more “scandalous” trend – the replenishment among the French of adherents of the most improbable conspiracy theories.

So, 35% of the French consider that elections in France are insufficiently “clean”; 29% think that the American government is involved in September 11; and 32% believe that the AIDS virus was developed in secret laboratories and tested on the African population before it found a path to the wide world.

All of these latter details soften a little the primary and most important information, to some extent writing off its scandalously politically incorrect character as the general trend of the popularity of conspiracy theories in modern fragmented France and in all of Europe.

But also this consciously “obscurantist” aspect isn’t able to cancel out the reality that is most unpleasant for the European politically correct: despite a leopard not being able to change its spots, and however much Europe is taught [tolerance – ed], it nevertheless realises what precipice it is so diligently pushed off and what pill it so diligently is forced to swallow.

So, contrary to the most pessimistic forecasts, it can be possible that not everything is yet lost.

Like in my favourite, repeated as a mantra quote: “Where there is danger, salvation rises”.

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