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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The fact that Ukraine is awaiting an epidemic associated with the remains of those killed during the conflict in Donbass is trumpeted by the military propagandists of Kiev.

The press secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andrey Lysenko declared that mass graves in Donbass can be the reason for such an epidemic. The political analyst Aleksandr Rogers noted in his comments that in the unmarked graves of UAF soldiers and voluntary battalions there are the remains of thousands of people.

It is obvious that corpses are buried without the observance of all necessary sanitary standards, in particular, without coffins, the decomposition can be a source of contamination of soil and water resources. Pathogenic bacteria spread through the water supply system and become the cause of the epidemic.

As was said by Aleksandr Rogers to the website “Nahnews”, the burial of nameless fighters of the Ukrainian army, and especially the volunteer battalions, which were not listed in since 2014, consists of thousands.

Thus it is impossible to give exact figures: there is not even a list of staff present.

“They’re completely nameless, thousands. Partly they were simply shallowly buried near Slavyansk, partly they were burned in crematoriums, partly they were buried as surgical waste, and so on,” said Rogers.

Only the UAF bury in this way, emphasizes Rogers, as, unlike the Kiev authorities, the militia do not hide information.

Meanwhile, Kiev continues to escalate the situation in Donbass by sending sabotage and reconnaissance groups, mercenaries, and radicals of all kinds. And why not, after all, the West, judging by everything, continues to finance the curatorial project called “Ukraine”. And already it is impossible to hide numerous facts.

Thus, the Ministry of State Security in the Lugansk People’s Republic published a record with the names of the detained spies of the “Azov” battalion. Footage of the interrogation was posted on the YouTube channel of the press service of the Ministry. We are talking about leaders of an underground nationalist group “Black-White ultras”, created on the basis of the group of fans of football club “Zarya”.

It is interesting that the spy denied any connection with “Azov” — a characteristic trait of the whole of the Kiev regime.

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  • Hannah Montcolly

    Dumping bodies anonymously with such disregard is thoroughly digusting – how do they expect families to accept this – sounds a very American way to deal with the dead.