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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The European Union decided just in case to once again remind Ukraine that nobody is calling for it to join the European association of countries.

Earlier the President of the European Commission directly said that EU and NATO membership in the next 20 years doesn’t shine on Ukraine, but the Ukrainian authorities continue to speculate on this topic, making loud promises.

This time the Head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli once again said: The European Union isn’t ready to offer Ukraine the prospect of membership, reports the “European Truth” publication.

“Currently the EU has no opportunity to offer a prospect to any partner country. Maybe in several years, but not now,” said the diplomat to the question about the relevance of the present formats of cooperation with eastern partners of the EU, including Ukraine.

Mingarelli stressed that the countries know about the unwillingness of the EU to have a discussion about the prospect of membership, and that they should base their policy on this fact. “Such is the reality,” he explained.

As a reminder, in August Juncker responded to Poroshenko by saying that Ukraine is not in the European Union and not in NATO.

After this Ukraine demanded from the European Commission to explain the scandalous statement of Juncker about membership in the EU and NATO, but no explanation was received.

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