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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Today each Ukrainian, including children, owes the International Monetary Fund more than $1,500. After receiving a new tranche the debt of each Ukrainian will grow by 20%. This was stated by Viktor Bondar at a meeting of the Coordination board of heads of factions and chairmen of committees of the Ukrainian parliament.

He reminded the Ukrainian parliamentarians that the memorandum with the IMF assumes a reduction of 140,000 government employees, including employees of education and health care, but Ukraine receives nothing in exchange.

“Question: and what we will receive in exchange? So far it is unclear. Moreover, the debt of Ukrainians on IMF credits is already today nearly 45,000 UAH per person. After receiving this credit it will grow by 20%, to 54,000 UAH. This is for each Ukrainian, including children,” stressed the People’s Deputy.

Bondar focused the attention of parliamentarians on the fact that in three years the national debt of Ukraine grew almost three times. While money of the IMF was not reasonably invested – it went only on social expenditure.

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