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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The brotherly Syrian people decided to congratulate Russians on the holiday. A video appeared on social networks on the Friends of Russia page showing a fireworks display in honor of Russia Day.

The video of the fireworks over the gas fields of Palmyra are dated with Russia Day. Syrians remember how these fields were earlier liberated during heavy fights with ISIS with the assistance of Russian specialists. Also a tribute of respect and appreciation was paid to the people who helped Damascus to restore peace and order. And city after city to win back their native land from radical Islamists.

Last week the Syrian Army drove away terrorists from the “Shaer” gas field near Palmyra. Thanks to this the forces of ISIS were deprived of an income from the illegal extraction of hydrocarbons. Three settlements came under the control of the Syrian army, and 66 major heights near Palmyra.

Understanding the importance of the recaptured fields, for over a week militants of ISIS attacked the Haiyan gas field, which is 20 kilometers northwest of Palmyra. But they weren’t able to capture the gas fields, and the attack was repelled. At the same time ISIS militants tried to blow up the fields using UAVs and artillery. These fields operated normally for more than one and a half months after large-scale reparations that were done by the Syrian engineers after the storm of Palmyra and the expansion of the bridgehead to the north of the “Homs — Palmyra” highway.

The terrorists, with an ulterior motive, drew their forces here. As numerous Syrian sources report, the strategic aim set in front of the many-thousands group of ISIS is to breakthrough the border with Lebanon. For this purpose the militants pulled together all available reserves to the western frontline.

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