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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The war correspondent of the DPR Armed Forces Dmitry Astrakhan stated that the Ukrainian military personnel who shelled a school in Dokuchaevsk perfectly understood that they were shelling an inhabited object.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled a school from positions that are on the nearby waste heap. Fire was opened from a BMP-2 and grenade launchers. The shells landed on a teacher’s room and a corridor where there are doors to educational rooms. Also, the UAF shelled the Dokuchaevsk boarding school No. 27. In this educational institution children with learning difficulties were studying. Here they not only study, but also live. Ukrainian military personnel shelled the sleeping quarters at the very moment when the children were sleeping,” reported the war correspondent.

He also specified that besides the educational institutions, an apartment inside a complex almost completely burned down.

“Also a house at the address 22 Melnikova Street was subjected to UAF shelling. The impact of a shell on one of the apartments caused the furniture to catch fire. As a result of the fire the apartment was almost completely burned to the ground,” added Astrakhan.

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