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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Today’s exploding of a OSCE vehicle in the LPR will be used by Ukraine to inflate hysteria about the idea of introducing to Donbass an “armed mission”, which the People’s Republics in the past spoke strongly against.

This was declared to Politnavigator by the former speaker of the LPR parliament Aleksey Karyakin.

“This is a pretext for Ukraine to begin a new round of hysteria concerning the need to send an armed contingent – allegedly, “a third force”. It is known that in the past the Republic categorically rejected such a scenario, emphasizing that it will consider the appearance of a mission, uncoordinated with them, as an invasion.

Ukraine shows its true colours. This power won’t stop before anything. Such provocations will only get worse. War is favorable for Ukraine, otherwise this regime will collapse.

The OSCE over the past three years closed its eyes to the crimes of the Kiev regime that occur on the territory of Donbass, respectively, today they received what they persistently tried not to notice. As they say, if in the first act a gun hangs on a wall, then in the second it will surely shoot,” argues Karyakin.

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