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Translated by Ollie Richardson


On May 18th and 19th, court decisions were made in Novopskov district court, which gained validity on May 30th, under which four residents of Novopskov were obliged to pay a fine of 51 hryvnia for wearing a St. George’s Ribbon on May 9th. The people were condemned under article 1731 for disorderly conduct, which breached the peace of citizens. Two of the convicts are pensioners.

The defendants were detained in the morning of May 9th in the city of Novopskovsk on Ukrainskaya Street (former Lenin Street). The reports on administrative violations were filed on May 16th. In addition to the administrative penalty, they were ordered to pay 320 hryvnias of judicial collection.

The two pensioners didn’t admit their guilt, and stated that the “St. George’s Ribbon was worn as a symbol of memory and respect of the dead in war”.

Justice of the Novopskov district court Olga Stetsenko came from the Perevalsk district court after Perevalsk came under the control of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic.

“The court notes a fact of common knowledge: the ‘St. George’s Ribbon’ is used by so-called ‘forces of self-defense of Crimea’ and pro-Russian separatists in the territory of Ukraine. In Ukraine this ribbon became a symbol of separatism and Russian occupation and aggression. Public use of the St. George’s Ribbon for propaganda purposes contains a danger to society, has a provocative character, and therefore disturbs public peace and the tranquility of citizens,” it is said in one of the resolutions.

As a reminder, Glavnovosti reported that Law N 2031-VIII on the prohibition of the St. George’s Ribbon entering into the Administrative Code of Ukraine article 1733 about the production and propaganda of the St.George’s Ribbon, its public use, demonstration, wearing a ribbon or its image was signed by Petro Poroshenko on June 12th, and entered into force on June 15th, 2017.

If the Novopsky residents had been tried today, they would have paid from 50 non-taxable minimums or 850 hryvnia.

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