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By Ollie Richardson

Meet “William Roj” – a french “volunteer” who decided to travel to Syria and fight with the YPG (Kurds).


The official narrative is that he is “fighting ISIS” – the monster that the US created by placing Jihadist camps all over Iraq after the 2004 illegal invasion. The video below shows him in action in 2016:

And this video shows him in action in 2015 (note the “FSA” flags behind – see this infographic to see how alarming this is):

Here are a few more photos of him from various points in time:




If one french “volunteer” is in Syria, is it likely that other french “volunteers” are not only in Syria, but in other wartorn Middle Eastern countries? Nope, nothing to see here.

Is it likely they are Libya too? Nope, ignore the video below.

Is it likely that the US – France’s NATO ally – is in Syria too? Nope, the photo below is photoshopped:


And exactly what are the Kurds doing in Syria? Are they fighting ISIS? Yes, ignore the videos below, and this article:

Is the French government respecting Syrian sovereignty whilst they are “fighting ISIS”? Yes, absolutely do not read this Stratfor report about France Building a Military Base in Kurdish-Controlled Area.

And last but not least, is France collaborating with the “moderate” rebels? Yes, but ignore the quote below anyway:

“We never go into details about anything to do with special forces, which are by their nature special. You won’t get any details to protect these men’s activities,” army spokesman Colonel Gilles Jaron told a regular news briefing.

So the next time a lone Jihadist wolf blows something or someone up in Europe, and ISIS will wait for details to emerge before they falsely claim responsibility, just remember “William Roj” in Northern Syria, who is “fighting ISIS”.

William Roj

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