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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The same bandits who tried to occupy on May 18th the Orthodox church in Belgorod-Dniester and abused a local Bulgarian official (for the fact that that he refused to recognize the “Kiev patriarchy”) attacked in Odessa a car with a Moldavian numberplate just the next day.

The St. George’s Ribbon tied to the car’s antenna became the reason for the attack. The “activists” [including the disgusting “Right Sector” biped Sergey Sternenko – ed] slashed the tyres and began to arrange an interrogation of the Moldovan who arrived in Odessa with friends. They accused the citizens of Moldova of breaking the law, having arrived to Ukraine with a St. George’s Ribbon – it is officially forbidden by the special law of Ukraine of May 16th, 2017. It is absolutely clear that the information on the ban didn’t reach the border guards, who let in the Moldovan car to Ukraine: it is entrusted to the government three-months from the date of the introduction of the law to force to bring it in accordance with regulations, and at the time when the Moldovans crossed the border (and when the “activists” attacked the Moldovans) this law still hadn’t been published and wasn’t in force. However, since when did such details stop the hooligan-radicals? The guests of Odessa from Moldova tried to speak, but it enraged the nationalists even more, who imagined themselves as simultaneously both the court and the police. They took it upon themselves to find out the status of Crimea from the Moldovans and to expostulate them on the fact that they don’t know the Ukrainian language.

“This is an administrative offense!” the radicals claimed, pointing to the St. George’s Ribbon.

“We passed your customs and there they didn’t warn us,” answered the confused Moldovans.

“We don’t have ‘tamozhin’ [Russian word for ‘customs’ – ed], we have ‘mytnytsya’ [Ukrainian word for customs – ed],” said the radicals, besieging the travelling guests.

“Give it in Russian,” proposed the citizens of Moldova, obviously unable to understand.

“You came to my country, I want to speak Ukrainian in my own country! Whose is Crimea?” continued the hooligans, pressing the guests.

The police officers who arrived to the place of events removed the St. George’s Ribbon from the car. Judging by the activity of the “patriots” on social networks, they weren’t held responsible. And it is clear why: the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine the other day let all police officers know that gangs of bastards who appropriated the name “patriots” are untouchable.

“You make enemies yourselves. In our Moldova. What you are doing is wrong,” said the Moldovan guests of Odessa to the ungirded hooligans. However they weren’t heard.

And the Odessa hooligans who consider themselves as “very European” already found new victims: they are going to disrupt in Odessa the concerts of the Russian rapper Matvei Melnikov (Mot), who performed in Crimea, and also the Ukrainian pop performers Ivan Dorn and Svetlana Loboda, who, according to the “patriots”, became traitors.

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