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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Photos that visually confirm what the Ukrainian military did to a children’s camp on the territory of the DPR that is temporarily occupied by Kiev are at the disposal of “Russian Spring”.

In pictures it is visible that the occupiers actually destroyed a children’s “Friendship” camp in the city of Chasov Yar in which a “voluntary” punisher unit was placed.

The shattered glass and window frames, traces of gunfire, garbage heaps is what was left behind by “defenders of Ukraine”.

The city in the part of the DPR occupied by the UAF is located in Chasov Yar, between Artemovsk and Konstantinovka, i.e. it is rather far from the front line (“contact line of the parties”).

It is known that the “warrior of light” occupied the “Friendship” camp in April of last year. They dispersed staff who were preparing for the reception of children on summer holiday, and established a minefield around the perimeter. The results of the stay of the “defenders” at the child care facility are clearly visible in the photo.

It is not the only example of the attitude of the occupiers towards those who they, as the Kiev authorities claim, defend. For example, in April, 2016, the children’s camp “Alliance” in Severodonetsk was trashed and plundered.

Furniture, toys, ware, bed linen were all destroyed or disappeared. The only thing that was left behind by the “defenders” was syringes and an electricity bill of 300,000 hryvnias.

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