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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The German Deputy of the European Parliament Udo Voigt sent to the European Commission an inquiry into the legality of the accession of Germany to the European Union.

In his opinion, Germany had limited sovereignty and had no right to sign contracts on accession to the EU.

“A written request for an assessment of the status of Germany’s was sent to the European Commission with the aim of finding out what influence the limited or absent sovereignty had on the competency of the accession of Germany to the Rome and Lisbon treaties, the European community, and the European Union, and also to the Eurozone,” it is said in the message of the press service of the Deputy.

Also Voigt plans to clarify whether the European Commission considers the operating Treaty on the final settlement concerning Germany, signed in 1990 by Germany, Federal Republic of Germany, German Democratic Republic, and also the USSR, the US, Great Britain, and France. In his opinion, the provisions of the occupational right of the winners in World War II are enshrined in this Treaty, however they apply only to the western countries, first of all, to the US.

The European Commission has six weeks to prepare an answer.

Voigt previously stated that Germany has only “limited sovereignty” and is dependent on the US, especially in questions of military cooperation.

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