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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Military expert Alexander Zhilin on why US reconnaissance aviation intensified at the Russian border over the Black Sea.

Recently, American military intelligence, including its aviation component, obscenely intensified on our borders. There are several reasons for this. Is it useful to remind you that the territory of today’s Ukraine represents a staging ground for terrorist, military, and other subversive operations against Russia.

The August attempt to organize terrorist attacks in Crimea failed miserably thanks to the coordinated actions of the Russian security service. But besides the primary aim of carrying out terrorist attacks, there was also another aim: to reveal the current potential of military-technical equipment of Crimea.

Americans, using electronic reconnaissance planes, are now trying, because Ukraine once again failed on their own, to figure out what weapons, air defense, and technology Russia deployed in Crimea, and in which way the defense of the region is structured.

It is so important to them that the US is forced to risk an escalation of the situation, resorting to provocations in the area of the Black Sea.

During Soviet times, there was an incident when a Korean plane entered our territory in order to uncover the defenses in the area of the Kuril Islands and other regions of the Far East.

So today, Americans execute exactly the same task, but in the region of the Russian-Ukrainian border.

To answer the question of why the flights of US reconnaissance aviation, and at the same time their interception by our aircraft became more frequent now, is not difficult at all.

Today Russia, in the framework of large-scale military exercises, performs active manoeuvres with the support of radio communication, testing the latest technical tools that the US reconnaissance aviation tries to fully locate, and their attempts at the moment are unlikely going to stop, because it is a matter of strategic importance.

It is impossible to assess the importance of this issue for the US without taking into account the following factor.

It is necessary to understand that the current leadership of Ukraine does not take any decisions regarding conducting military hostilities themselves – it only fulfils the orders of the United States.

We remember active discussions in August about the possibility of starting a new full-scale attack by the UAF on the positions of the DPR, scheduled for early September. But, the offensive did not take place.

The fact is that this issue is still in the stage of being resolved, strange as it may seem, in Syria. Lavrov and Kerry are at the moment trying to work out a compromise on the Syrian issue, which represent a significant halting of the outbreak of military actions in Donbass.

In that event that an agreement between Russia and the United States will not be reached, the Americans will attempt to enhance the activities of bandits, firstly, on our borders, and, secondly, in the territory of LPR and DPR.

Russia, in turn, shows by its capabilities of military training and fighting in the region that we don’t just rattle the saber, but are 100% ready to defend our territory from invaders. Our intentions are serious.

It is especially in this light it’s vital for Americans to receive intelligence in full.

Another thing is that they are not very successful, as is evidenced by the immediate reaction of the Russian interceptors, which as always, politely accompany guests away from the state borders.

Stalker Zone note

Since this article was written, a deal was reached between the US and Russia over Syria. However, the deal itself is unlikely to bear any fruits due to the vast number of groups, leaders, and objectives in the region. So in actuality, no deal was reached, or one of any significance. More details on the agreement can be found here.

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