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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Gorbachev began to communicate with his Western counterparts already since the late 70’s, when he was just an ordinary member of the Supreme Council and concurrently the head of the Environmental Commission… It is this little worthless position played a sinister role in the history of our country!

Dwayne Andreas. Remember this name. In the late 70’s he met with Gorbachev to discuss the concerns of little defenceless nature.

It would seem, nothing is wrong with that. However, but only if you do not know one small detail. Dwayne Andreas, in addition to his concerns about wildlife, headed the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council, which was created by the billionaire David Rockefeller. After a few years, Mikhail Gorbachev, to the surprise of many, became a member of the Politburo, and already in his new capacity he made several working trips abroad, during which, also to the surprise of many, made friends with the Margaret Thatcher. Here is how Mikhail Poltoranin recalled it:

“Gorbachev, when he went to England along with Raisa Maksimovna, it was, I think, 1984, and that’s when Thatcher said that she talked to him (they were talking for almost four hours), and I realized that this is the guy it is necessary to deal with, he’s our man.”

Mikhail Poltoranin (from 1990 to 1992, Minister of Press and Information of Russia) believes that Western intelligence agencies at first concentrated their attention on the first lady. In those days the whole country knew that the President, when making decisions, consults his wife. During foreign visits, the receiving party always arranged an impressive program for Raisa: she was taken to expensive boutiques, diamonds were bought for her, and of course it was done “in all sincerity”.


It would seem that shopping is irrelevant when it is question of serious decisions and politics. However, ostentatious benevolence has done its job.

During a visit to Turkey, for example, Mikhail Gorbachev declared that he had a dream, to destroy the Communist system and Soviet power in the country. Of course, all these undertakings were done not without the help of his wife, who prompted him to climb the corporate ladder and destroy the Soviet system tried and tested for decades.

By the way, the gift the Gorbachev couple received from the President of South Korea can be considered as a bribe.

Once on a visit to the US, Mikhail Gorbachev asked for a meeting with the President of South Korea to be arranged. And the meeting took place during a flight from Tokyo to Seoul. At this meeting, the Gorbachev couple received a cheque for 100,000 dollars personally from the President of South Korea Roh Tae-Woo.

What was the result of these diamonds and cheques for our country? Disarmament. Here is what Mikhail Poltoranin says about it.

“Once, the US Ambassador came to see him and said, “I would like to meet you”. And then he said to Gorbachev so casually: “I was instructed to remind you that you took so many diamonds, that you have accounts in such and such banks, with such numbers, these and those, you shouldn’t think that nobody knows about it. And in this regard we need you to disarm…”

After this, Gorbachev gave Americans just a magnificent gift. He signed the START I Treaty, for which our country would reduce 2.5 times more strategic missiles and 3.5 times more warheads than America!

After that, Time magazine recognized him as not just a person of the year, but the person of the last 10 years!

And Raisa Gorbacheva, after signing the START I Treaty, according to rumour, was again gifted with diamonds. She allegedly was given a very expensive necklace by the wife of Ronald Reagan.

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