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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Gorlovka resident Anna Tuv, whose life was broken by Ukrainian shells, is familiar to all who follow the war in the Donbass, primarily by the reports of Graham Phillips — he actively covered her tragic story and collected money first for the surgery and then, when the arm could not be saved, for prosthesis.

Now Anna lives in Russia and two weeks ago she visited the UN in order to describe the terrible story – both her’s and all the people of Donbass’ – of the war unleashed by Kiev.

In mid-November, the beautiful graceful young woman spoke in the Geneva Palace of Nations at a session of the UN Council for Human Rights.

The meeting was devoted to the situation in Donbass, that’s why she spoke about both Ukraine and Donbass, and about her home town of Gorlovka, which became a mass grave of many things that are indeed dear to her.

The terrible truth

“We were at home, we were watering our garden, my daughter had the last day of school before the summer holidays, my two-year-old son was playing in the yard, my new-born daughter slept in the house,” said the woman. “We saw how a drone was flying low over us, but did not pay attention to this. A little bit later we heard strong shelling and whistling. The shells were falling right beside us.

We only had time to run into the house, and exactly at this moment a Ukrainian shell landed directly in the hallway where we were. My husband was able to run up to me and open the front door, I was thrown by the explosion and its weight on the street.

I lost consciousness, and came around because I heard that my son was screaming from under the rubble. The gas pipe was broken, and gas went right in my face, I couldn’t get up, and I was taken out of the rubble by a neighbour. I ran into the house to pull out my son. Only then, when I took him out, and we hid ourselves behind the refrigerator, did I see that my left arm had been torn off.

After this a second shell landed on the house. The ambulance could not come because of the shelling.

Later, the rescuers found of my [daughter – ed] Katya in the hallway, torn into two parts, my husband was lying nearby, or to be more precise – the parts of his body. My newborn daughter received shrapnel wounds, my son became disabled, the house cannot be restored, my husband and daughter died, I’m without an arm.”

Anna’s family before the war

Only after these words did the attendees [of the UN event – ed] begin to notice that one of the woman’s arms was hanging lifelessly, and her wrist doesn’t have a natural even matte color. And the speaker continued:

“In the autumn the council of lawyers of Donetsk sent to the Strasbourg court the case materials and my video testimony together with the lawyer Damien Viguier. Two years have passed. Last year I duplicated the lawsuit from Moscow. There is no response. Such claims and appeals are hundreds. There aren’t any words of regret or help from the government of Ukraine. There aren’t any benefits or compensation. The prosthesis was installed by the citizens of Italy, the Association for the Salvation of Children. At the moment, in the Donetsk region alone more than 80 children were killed, more than 3,000 became disabled. Three of the children of my friend from Gorlovka were killed at the same time”…

After the speech of Anna Tuv the room for the first time during the meeting was silent, no one asked her any questions, no one tried to argue.

Greasy Western functionaries from politics, science, and media for the first time saw before their eyes a living embodiment of the war that was unleashed by their leaders and the regime in Kiev that they patronise. Crippled, but alive, and a beautiful incarnation, with which it’s not possible to discuss the topic of “Russian aggression” and joke about the Minsk Agreements and the Minsk format, because it will become unspeakably shameful from only one glance into her eyes, which saw pain and despair.

And the UN remained silent. Although it was not always like this.

Anna is no stranger to speaking about her pain in the tribunes of European capitals. At first, she was healed, and then, after recovering from the shock, she began to visit Europe in order to open the eyes of the Old World to what is happening in her native Donbass. Italy, San Marino, Germany: pickets, rallies, conferences, round-tables, pictures in which her dear people are still alive, and also photos of what remained of her cozy family nest.

And the shocking truth wasn’t met by silence everywhere. The French interviewed her, spoke about this tragic story in programs, the Italians staged protests, demanding to give Poroshenko a tribunal, and to recognise the Ukrainian nationalist battalions as terrorist organisations, heads of leading factions of San Marino offered help, German parliamentarians promised to bring her terrible truth to the German public.

The efforts of the fragile woman sometimes succeed to breakthrough the information blockade surrounding everything that is happening now in the Lugansk and Donetsk region.

Anna’s home in Gorlovka after shelling

“My goal is to convey the truth, and thereby try to defend people who remained there, in Donbass, under shelling,” admitted Anna Tuv. “For example, my female friends who live in the ‘red zone’ (the area immediately adjacent to where there is fighting) write to me literally every day, sometimes at 2/3am, they talk about the fact that they are bombed, and they are very afraid…

Exactly at the moment I went to the UN my dad came and talked about the situation in Gorlovka, before his arrival there was shelling, the father of three children died; on average, two homes are destroyed there per week by shelling.”

The funeral of Anna’s husband and daughter

Anna isn’t going to return to Gorlovka after the death of her husband and daughter, and the destruction of the house. She lives with her five-year-old disabled son and two-year-old daughter in the suburbs of Moscow, works in an international charity helping children with disabilities, and is responsible for work in public relations. And she is also in several Novorossiya social movements.

She does all of this in order to tell the truth about the bloody mess that the Kiev regime made in her small hometown. However, she is forced to admit that with every new time it becomes more and more difficult, as a citizen of Ukraine, to travel abroad.

“The Ukrainian Consulate understands very well that I don’t go to Europe to sunbathe, they try hard not to allow it,” said Tuv. “And every time I am obliged to solve this problem.”

Anna after moving to Russia

“I and the other people of Donbas certainly hope to be a part of Russia,” said the heroine of this material. “Living there, we constantly thought about it, we believed in it. And every day I wake up with the thought that it is indeed the last day of war. We couldn’t even imagine how long this massacre will last. It couldn’t enter our minds that all of this is serious and for a long time.”

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    She spoke un UN but nobody interested because it’s against of their agenda, if they can’t blame Russia for it. 80+ children lives don’t mean anything for the world if they don’t help the West to begin a new war for resources.