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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Aleksandr Danilyuk stated that the decision of the High Court of London that satisfied the Russian claim concerning the debt of Kiev allegedly does not consider “Russian military aggression”.

“We are respectful of this decision, but reasonably we consider that such a decision does not consider the available facts of Russian economic and military aggression,” said Danilyuk, who was quoted by “Ukrainian Pravda”.

Also, the Kiev Minister reported that Ukraine intends to continue to uphold its position after the judgment. On Wednesday it became known that the High Court of London, in an expedited procedure, will consider the case of the debt of Ukraine to Russia of $3 billion.

The court also sustained all objections of Ukraine, which insisted on a full-scale trial, and supported the position of the Russian Federation. According to experts, if the London court recognizes the debt, Ukraine faces default.

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