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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Written by Alexander Rodgers


I was always taught that human’s actions should be logically justified.

For example, if you want to fight terrorism you need to destroy terrorist bases and block their supply channels, discredit their ideology, and deprive them of an influx of replenishments, instead of holding hands together or drawing with chalk on the pavement.

Because, if in your country someone blows something up and people die, the people who did it are the enemy. And you should be appreciative if the dirty and dangerous work to destroy the terrorists is done by someone else. And you should be grateful to such allies, and help them in every way.

But what do we see? When the Syrian governmental Army, with the support of Russian Airforce, surrounded the jihadist-controlled part of Aleppo, the Foreign Ministers of France and Great Britain Jean-Marc Ayrault and Boris Johnson suddenly make a joint statement in which they call on Assad and Putin to stop the siege of Aleppo.

“Don’t touch our favorite jihadists!” the European elite yell in unison. And all this just a few days after a series of terrorist attacks in Europe!

Excuse me, how is this possible? To protect those involved in the murder of your own citizens? No wonder many experts (myself included) say that all the problems of the European Union in recent years – like the influx of refugees, as well as the sharp increase in the number of terrorist acts – are the direct consequences of the idiotic decisions of the European elites.

Once again, if the EU is interested in ending the flow of refugees, then it can be done only one way – having achieved the stabilization of the situation in Syria. And the destruction of a large group of jihadists and the liberation of one of the largest cities is the best possible way of stabilization. But Baba Yaga [merkel – ed] is against it.

There are only three logical explanations.

  1. The European elite suffers from a particularly perverse form of the desire for suicide.
  2. In Aleppo there is something (or someone) that can prove the involvement of the European elites in supporting the terrorists and stoking the war in Syria.
  3. The European elites are in reality not particularly European, but completely controlled by the US, and act against the interests of ordinary Europeans and the EU as a whole.

However, it is possible that three in one, and all of these points complement each other. I liked the joke in a statement by the leader of the banned terrorist organization “Jabhat al-Nusra” when he announced that they are changing their name to “Jabhat al Fatah al-sham”, and therefore there is no need to bomb them.

Just great! You know, Hitler is a pathetic moron. He only needed somewhere in March 1945 to declare that the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” (NSDAP) was renamed into the “National-Socialist German Peasants’ Party”, and now he’s in a little house and the Soviet Union with allies have no right to finish him. Pathetic fool Adolf, because salvation was so close.

By the way, in the Russian Foreign Ministry the joke wasn’t appreciated, and announced that, “in the framework of “rebranding” of their group, the repainted terrorists bothered to even disguise the flag, changing its color from black to white. There is no need to prove that all attempts by terrorists to change their image are vain.” Killing jihadists in toilets will further continue.

The Russian leadership is behaving consistently. But European officials are acting in self-destructive “logic”. And you wonder why I have affirmed over the years that the EU is doomed?

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