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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksandr Gontar (Resident of Donbass)

The journalist of CNN showed Lavrov a photo of a boy, apparently suffered from the bombing in Aleppo, allegedly by Russia. The boy is alive and well but is covered in dust. “It’s a child, he is not a terrorist, Mr Lavrov! It’s a war crime!”.

I sincerely wish for the whole CNN editorial team to drop dead. You bastards were not showing photos of the dead children of Donbass. Torn to pieces by Ukrainian artillery. Killed in their beds and in their playgrounds. You didn’t wave them under the nose of John Kerry or Obama. And you don’t care either about dozens of Syrian children in Western Aleppo killed by bombs of “moderates” from Eastern Aleppo. But you print like a f**** Xerox staged scenes with a made-up boy, pathetically wringing your hands.

There is no media in the world more inhumane than the western one.


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